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Take the April challenge!

April 1, 2010

“The economy is bad”, “we’re in a recession”, “My company is downsizing” – you’ve heard it in half the conversations you’ve had with friends and co-workers, it’s all over the news and for a lot of people it has demanded an immediate lifestyle change.  I will be honest we have felt it a little bit – not as bad as most – but we’ve had tuna helper and mac and cheese for dinner far more than I would like to.  But truthfully recession or no recession, good economy or bad – being financially savvy, free and living with a cushion is a lifestyle I would love to live.  So here’s our challenge and I encourage you and your family to try it out too!  For the month of April my husband and I have decided to log every penny that we spend – Every. Single. Penny.  We are doing this for a few reasons.  First – the obvious – we need to know where our money is going – all of it.  Not just the part that goes to the OPPD bill, the mortgages and the baby sitter.  My second reason – have you ever kept a food journal?  If you did – what happened?  You probably rethought the handful of goldfish, the half bag of Dove chocolates, or the quick stop by Chipotle for lunch – because you were going to have to write it down – in black and white – and admit that you had eaten it.  Well for me this will most likely be the same – if I have to actually write down how many times I take my kids to McDonalds for lunch, how many times I stop to grab a $2 fountain soda, or the extra cash I drop buying bribery toys at Target and even worse “rewards” of clothes for me (yeah – Express got the best of me yesterday) – I will definitely be thinking twice.  I have a business account that makes my accountant cringe.  I use it all the time for personal purchases a.k.a. – purchases I don’t want my husband to see – which means I spend too much money on things we don’t need – and that adds up.  So believe it or not – I am actually very excited to do our April Financial challenge and to see where we can save a few bucks and become a little financially smarter.  So start now – put it on an Excel sheet, your blackberry or a notebook in your purse.  If you need a helping hand – contact a financial planner for some help – Here are three that I respect and trust:

Colin Kramer – Waddell & Reed – 402-496-7800 x123

Jeff Elgan – Edward Jones – 402-391-5558

Erin Kinney – Edward Jones – 402-390-0042

And leave a comment and let me know how it goes!  I would love to hear your story!

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  1. Christy HOgan permalink
    April 2, 2010 3:29 pm

    Hi Catherine
    I love your blog and love your plan to count all of your pennies this month…I am a little afraid to try it 🙂

    Miss seeing you! Maybe we can meet at the park someday with the kids to play?


  2. Rochelle permalink
    April 3, 2010 2:36 am

    I definitely should do the same. Every time I sit down to pay the bills I wonder where the money goes. Little things add up. I go in a store to return an item and walk out with 3 more…maybe I should put blinders on my eyes when I go in a store!!

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