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Recipe Wednesday?

April 7, 2010

Ok – you are all going to have to help me out with this.  I am by no means a cook – I can ruin anything – even frozen pizza (seriously – I left the cardboard on the bottom once).  So I only have about five decent “recipes” to share – so please email your recipes to me and I will post them and give you all the glory!  If you try out one of mine and have a better variation of it – leave me a comment and let us all know about it!

Here goes my first recipe (don’t make fun – I am trying…)- actually what I am making tonight – it’s super super super easy and quick and my entire family loves it.

3 boneless skinless chicken breast

1 box of tri colored rotini pasta

pesto sauce (make your own, buy the envelope mix, or the jar at the store)

Cook the chicken in a crock pot all afternoon (either use itaian dressing, chicken broth or something of that sort to cook it in)  Cooking chicken grosses me out and I always ruin it – this is the easiest fool proof way to have tender yummy chicken without having to deal with the grossness of it.

Cook pasta according to the directions and combine the chicken, pasta and pesto – serve it up with some steamed zuccini slices (add a little spray butter and salt – mmmmmm) and you’re golden.  It’s light, delish, and best of all – easy!!

Send me your easy and yummy recipes please!!

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