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Diaper bag envy

April 16, 2010

I had a client come in today with her newborn baby boy and I immediately fell in love… with her diaper bag.  Don’t get me wrong – her sweet little man was absolutely adorable – but he didn’t come with an attached fold out full length changing pad – the diaper DID.  Have you seen the diaper bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom?  They are amazing – I don’t even have a baby at home at the moment (even though I say I do – they are turning 3 and 4 this summer, so technically I don’t) but I wanted one SO badly!  They don’t go for the $20 like your average Target diaper bag – but you won’t be dropping $400 on one like you would a Coach bag.  And honestly ladies – if you haven’t learned how to self justify spending too much money on a fabulous bag – then you aren’t even trying. 🙂

Want one?  Forward this link on to your husband.  Or do like I do and just buy it – stuff it in the closet for the next 2 weeks – then pull it out and tell him you’ve had it for a while.

And dads… you can thank me later:

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