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Our April Mom of the Month

April 27, 2010

With April ending we wanted to squeeze in our April Mom of the Month.  Her name is Kellie Beresh – and she’s absolutely fabulous.  I had the joy of meeting Kellie and her family last year when they scheduled a photo shoot with Bosley Creative.  She was one of those people that I immediately clicked with – in fact when I went to drop off their order we ended up hanging out and talking for two hours!  Kellie’s laugh and smile are contagious, she’s strong, and she has an inspiring outlook on life, and as her oldest son Jake said “she has a good vibe”.   So here’s a little about her in her own words…

Married to… Steve Beresh, he’s been my best friend for 23 years

Kids are… Jake (13), Brandon (11) and Ben (5)

Profession… Speech Pathologist

Guilty pleasures… Mocha Almond Concrete from Sheridans

Her pet peeve… People who complain constantly and/or feel entitled without working for it.

What she is most passionate about… Enjoying every day.

If she could travel anywhere… Would love to hit the areas of the US I have not seen then tour around Europe and Australia

One thing that always makes her laugh… The goofy things my husband does or says to make all of us laugh.

Favorite thing to do with her kids… Hanging out with them at the lake and reading to them.

Her dream job… I think I have it now – Working part time, while being able to be a mom first.

What she’s most scared about… Losing people I love.

Kellie’s biggest success… My family, my attitude and the money we have raised for childhood cancer.

Her favorite item of clothing… I love flip flops!

Something you should know is that Kellie’s oldest son, Jake, is a cancer survivor.  7 years ago Jake was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and treatment lasted for a year. Another year later Kellie, along with a few other mom’s, started the Omaha Cure Search Walk.  (It is out at Village Pointe on June 5th from 8-10 am.  Please come out and join us this year – if you don’t have anyone to come with – email me – you can join our team!  You can read in the post below what the walk is all about).  Jake is quite possibly one of the sweetest kids I have ever met.  (I was actually doing the math in my head wondering if it was possible for my daughter to marry him some day – only a ten year difference – so maybe?)  Within minutes of me being over there for the interview while he and his brothers were shooting baskets he invited me to come fishing with them out at their lake.  Ummm – yes please!  When you talk to Jake even though he is 13 – you feel like your talking to someone who has seen and done it all – and I mean that in a good way.  Kellie told me that his 2nd grade teacher said “it’s like he holds all of life’s answers” – and it’s true – there is something incredible about him and I think that speaks volumes about his mom and dad and their family life.  The three boys are all so wonderful and all so different.  But one thing that they all had in common – they think the world of their momma.  Ben (who is five) started telling me about how great his mom is because he gets to do whatever he wants for his birthday, but in typical five year old fashion our conversation quickly turned to a very detailed description of the playground at Skate Daze, and just how brave he was climbing to the top of it. 🙂  Brandon told me how supportive his mom is – no matter what they are doing, and Jake talked about how he loves to hang out and talk with his mom in the mornings, and how she makes time for each one of them.  Kellie you’re incredible and I feel blessed to have met you and your family!  Thank you so much for being our Mom of the Month and I look forward to seeing you all at the walk in June!

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