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The Parenting Goggles

April 27, 2010

Have you ever noticed how some of your fondest childhood memories turn a bit sour now that your a parent?  I’m not talking about the ones when you were really young, but more or less the high school and college memoirs. I gave a presentation at Millard South High School last week about being the owner of a photography business.  At the end of my speech when I went to leave it was during a passing period – so there I was – walking down the halls of highschool all over again. As I looked around at the different types of people, and the somewhat organized chaos around me – I reminisced about my high school days, talking with my friends at our lockers, passing notes (although i doubt this happens anymore – I am sure they just IM or text each other), and the excitement of making plans for that Friday night.    But oddly amongst all these wonderful memories – I got a twisted feeling in my stomach – it was the thought that popped into my head of my own son going into high school in less than 5 years.  It was the thought of the pressures on kids – whether it’s coming from the teachers pushing the schoolwork and perfect grades or their friends pushing drugs, alcohol and parties.  It was the thought of someone making fun of him or embarassing him as he goes through the awkward stages of life.  The same thing happens as I pass by Hollister in the mall – what once was the place I dropped in to get those perfectly ripped $75 jeans for the Kid Rock concert, now is the place I will be arguing with my daughter about the two sizes too small clothes she is going to want to wear, or the fact that I won’t spend $50 on a tee shirt.

Don’t get me wrong – I have plenty of great memories from my younger days and I have some of the same hopes and dreams for my kids – I hope they live out high school to the fullest and that it is the best four years of their life, and I hope that college is an amazing experience where they create some of their best friendships and memories.  Its just that now, with my mommy goggles on, I tend to worry a bit more and view things a little differently.

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