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Tips for making your house a home from Birdhouse

May 3, 2010

By Jessica McKay, owner of Birdhouse

Since I’m not a mother yet (other than our puppy) I hate to act like I know how hard it is to be a working mom. I do know how hard it is to be a working woman, with her own business, so I am assuming I can take my stress and multiply by 5 and then I’ll have an idea. I know that after I have been working all day, I want to plop down on our comfy couch and watch a DVR full of goodies. I love being in a space that is inviting, cozy and really feels like our home because it is full of pieces that are special to my family and me. Everybody deserves their house to be something special regardless of how much extra money you have to spend on it.

I wanted to share a couple of tips to make your room feel like a decorator helped you design a perfect environment:

1. Try to avoid buying matching sets of furniture. I realize that it can be incredibly overwhelming choosing pieces from a huge furniture store and that once you find something you like, your instinct would be to grab everything that matches that piece. You think it will look much better matching, but really it looks like a furniture showroom, which can lack character and personality. That said; do try to make all your pieces complement one another. If your end tables are espresso finish, try a metal or glass coffee table and then pick up those two finishes in other touches around the room. Maybe a side chair with a metal frame and another chair in espresso with a shimmering, sequined throw pillow.

2. If you are out shopping and see something that makes your heart sing – buy it! Who cares if you can’t think of a perfect place to put it right away? If you truly love it, then you will find a place and treasure having the piece for many years. Whereas, if you don’t get it, that may haunt you for decades. By buying pieces you truly can’t live without you are creating a “home” that showcases your personality.

3. However, in regards to #2 still be sure to edit. Maybe you love collecting snow globes from all your travels. That is great and a collection in large bookshelves would look really lovely and speak to your guests, greeting them with an exotic kiss. But stick to one giant collection, not thirty-seven. Don’t overwhelm everyone and every other piece in the room with a tchotchke on all surfaces.

Now, take a look at your space and examine how it makes you feel. Figure out what exactly you want your room to be for you and your family, and make it happen.

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