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My Big Omaha review

May 16, 2010

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After quite a bit of “inner debate” I decided to attend Big Omaha this year. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions I have made in a while. Thursday night was the party down at the Slowdown, (I had no idea how built up that area is now) – which was pretty fun – it was a good kick off to the conference.  Then I headed down at 9am to Kaneko for the all day conference full of amazing speakers from all over the US.  Honestly I had pretty low expectations – I thought I might do a little bit of networking, maybe catch a thing or two – but I had absolutely no idea what an amazing day I was about to have.

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The first speaker was David Hauser – he owns the company Grasshopper and by the time he got done speaking I realized that my $230 ticket was well worth the money.  He was motivating and everything I wanted and needed to hear to get amped up about my new venture in Care Hound.  In fact the whole day pretty much went like that and although I loved the speakers – it was more than just them.  It was about being in a room with 500 other people that think like me and have goals similar to mine. Right before lunch Scott Harrison spoke about his company – Charity Water.  His presentation was phenomenal, inspiring and informative.  He is an amazing guy and I strongly encourage you to read his story and support Charity Water.  It is one of the absolute best and most impactful charities I have ever seen.  Lunch was great as I reconnected with an old friend who manages eCreamery, soaked up the gorgeous day and met some new friends and learned about their business’.  (One of which was Matt Hunckler of Repurify – who you will be hearing more about here on the Care Hound blog).  It was incredible to see how young some of these very successful entrepreneurs were.  After lunch there were more great speakers and we ended the day back at the Urban Wine Company where hayneedle (which is the company that I worked for previous to starting my last business) sponsored the event.  It was so fun to catch up with my old friends from there and again I got to meet quite a few new people as well.  I had the chance to chat with Justin Shaffer of Hot Potato which is a really cool new app that I am excited to learn more about.

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I skipped out on the Nomad party but was back Saturday morning eager for the next round of speakers.  I will admit I was a bit disappointed in one, but the entire day was redeemed by the last speaker Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness.  He was a great speaker and handed out copies of his book (that doesn’t even come out until June 7th!) to every attendee at Big Omaha.  I am a few chapters in and completely engrossed in it.  Keep checking back here as we will be giving one away after it’s release date!

All in all – Big Omaha in my mind was a huge success.  I went into it not expecting much and was completely blown away by the event that Jeff Slobotski and Dusty Davidson put on.  I will absolutely be one the first to buy my tickets next year for Big Omaha 2011.

Malone & Co. did all the pictures for the event and they did an amazing job – check out their work.

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