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Smile everyone!!

May 17, 2010

By Dr. Michael Danahay

My name is Michael Danahay, DDS, and I am the owner of Dental Innovations, a family and aesthetic dental office located in west Omaha near 144th and Center.  Have you ever thought about the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile and how it can impact one’s life?  The quality of your smile has a more direct effect on your personal and business relationships than any other part of your appearance.  In fact, 88% of the people in North America say that they can always remember someone with an especially attractive smile.  Many American’s spend years wishing they could change and improve their smile.  Perhaps that’s why more than half the adults in America have wanted to correct problems they’ve had since childhood, such as discolored, crooked, or irregular shaped teeth.  Others want to fix the conditions they’ve developed over time such as cracked, worn down, or discolored teeth.  And there’s good reason for this.  You see, your smile can truly light up a room!  Or hiding your smile can prevent people from seeing the true beauty inside you.

For hundreds of years, all the way from Mona Lisa to today’s Cover Girls, the absence or presence of a dazzling smile has always carried great significance!  It is a reliable indication of a person’s sense of well-being, and has an enormous impact on a person’s health, self-esteem, and both personal and business relationships.

As well as having a beautiful smile, people don’t realize the importance of oral health and the direct impact that it has on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Each year, cardiovascular disease kills more American’s than cancer.  While most people are aware that lifestyle choices such as eating right, getting enough exercise, and quitting smoking can help prevent cardiovascular disease, they may not know that by just brushing and flossing their teeth each day, they might also be avoiding this potentially lethal condition.  People with periodontal disease, or gum disease, have a higher or increased risk to developing cardiovascular disease due to the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.

So now you’re wondering “how do I get and maintain the oral health and beautiful smile that I’ve always wanted?”.  With the advancement of cosmetic dentistry procedures and new technology in dentistry, you can be that person with a beautiful and healthy smile!  I invite you to visit our office website,, and look through the pictures, find out what we do, and get all of the information you need to obtain the beautiful, healthy smile that you deserve!!

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