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Growing up without a tv

June 15, 2010

Ok so I didn’t actually grow up without a television – but I did grow up without cable. In fact my parents still don’t have cable tv – and I love them for it.  Today I took my two little ones (almost 3 and just turned 4) over to my mom’s house – and she got an added bonus of my 10 year old and his two buddies.  They were there for about 4 or 5 hours while I crammed in as much work as possible.  When I went to pick them up – I was thrilled.  The older boys who I usually have to kick outside constantly and drag them away from the Wii – had spent the entire day playing baseball, setting up the green plastic army guys into little armies, playing a pretty crazy game with the Nerf guns (where I became the main target after I taught my 4 year old daughter to yell “Miss me, miss me – now you have to kiss me! – at them), and hanging out in the tree fort.  Not once did they try to watch tv, zone into their iPod Touch, or complain about not being able to play video games.  And they actually were bummed when we had to leave!! At one point when I said something to them about how it was great that they didn’t watch any tv or play video games – one of the boys said “It’s like when you grew up!”  Uhhhhm – yes – we did play outside a lot however we did have television and Nintendo 64.  I swear these kids think I am ancient.

What a great day at Nana’s house for the boys – while I love technology – it’s so nice to have days where the kids live without it.

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  1. Lindy permalink
    June 29, 2010 7:09 am

    I love it…I love watching all the kids on our street in full fledge nerf gun wars and staying out till “the street lights come on”. Happy summer!

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