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Our June Mom of the Month

July 8, 2010

Okay so we are a tad bit late posting this – but none the less I am super excited to introduce June’s Mom of the Month – Dr. Elizabeth Walenz, or more commonly known to her clients as Dr. Liz.  She is with Children’s Physicians at Mission Village on 168th and Q.

Liz so kindly invited me to her home where I got to spend some time hanging out with her and her two kids – who were absolutely adorable!!  The relationship they all share was so fun to be around and watching her laugh with her kids was so refreshing.  I loved seeing that someone who is so reliable, trustworthy and professional when giving me advice about my own children and their health – is also a mom in my same shoes and can be so light hearted and silly with her own little ones.  I was inspired to ask Liz to be our mom of the month because she intrigues me and I have a great amount of respect for her.  She is the epitome of humbleness and kindness and she seems to have the work/family/life balance down which is something that I am constantly striving for.

Here’s a bit more about Dr. Liz in her own words.

Married to: Steve

Children and ages: Jack 5 3/4 and Julia 2
Profession: Pediatrician
Guilty pleasures?  Bravo television, Top Chef and Project Runway
Pet Peeve? When people are not honest
When did you know you wanted to become a doctor?  When I was in college in my sophomore year, I had an accident on my right hand that required surgery. I was awake for my surgery and my surgeon explained every thing that he was doing while I watched the surgery in the reflection of his glasses. He was a great teacher and showed compassion to a college sophomore who was a long way from home. I was inspired to go into medicine.
What are you most passionate about? I am passionate about taking good care of my patients and maintaining their health
If you could travel anywhere? an island in Greece called Santorini, I was there once and would love to go back
Do you enjoy grocery shopping? I do, I love to cook and try new things so I find it fun to find new ingredients. It is a special treat for me to go to Whole Foods
If you could do anything – what would it be? I might be a writer. I went to hear an author talk a few years ago and was again inspired as she talked about the research she had done before writing her novels. She had amazing adventures.
Favorite thing to do with your kids?  we love in the summer time to go swimming or to read stories each night before going to bed. we enjoy having a movie night once in a while as well.
Your dream job? I love my job, to be a pediatrician, to care for children, to see them back in my office and watch them grow, I love it!
If you were going to be stranded on a desert island – what 3 things would you take with you? I would bring my ipod, subscription to bon appetit and good food
The last book you read? the help
Your favorite outfit, item of clothing, or accessory? I have a necklace that my husband recently gave me, it has three charms on it. My partner recently explained that one of the charms has the symbol for Om which is the beginning and opening of hindu prayer. It represents the vibration of the universe.
How do you keep the balance between working and being a mom? I try not to over schedule myself on my day or weekends off so that we can have quality time together. It is really easy to get overwhelmed trying to fit in everything, so “laying low” is sometimes the answer
Your ideal date night? good food and going to see a movie with my husband
Dr. Liz is also a guest blogger for us every month so please keep checking back in to see what other helpful tips and advice she has for keeping your kids at their healthiest!!
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