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Waterworks at a Pixar movie??

July 9, 2010

Yep – that’s what I said. And the eye roll you just did when you read the title – I did that too when I heard someone else say it. Until I went to see the movie…

My oldest son is at camp this week and so my husband and I have been trying to keep busy with the little ones.  Although truth be told we didn’t know what to do with ourselves not running to and from baseball games and practices, or from friends houses here and there.  So last night we took M & J to see Toy Story 3.  $47 dollars later (holy crap when did going to the movies get so insanely expensive) and we were parked in the theater watching a light hearted funny little G rated movie.  So it was shocking to me to all of a sudden have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes (that is generally as water-worksy as I get in public) within the first 15 minutes of the show.  And then again in the last 15 minutes of the show.  It takes you back a bit at the beginning to when he was 8 or 10 or so and playing with his toys, and then at the end it’s him going off to college and it just makes you realize how fast it is all going.  And how that is going to be all of us with our kids soon.

Every day and every moment is bittersweet with the kids and I.  I love the time we have together but I also just want so badly for time to freeze.  I know I will blink and then I too will be packing up my son’s room for college and that is hard to think about.  I look at my youngest son and say “Wasn’t Kobe just this age yesterday” – and now he is off at camp for 4 days where I haven’t even heard from him once (my much anticipated letter to tell me all about what he is doing and my only contact with him – didn’t come today and it was like you shot my puppy in front of me when I opened the mailbox and realized that) and then next week he’s off to a baseball tournament out of town and then he’ll come back and school will start up along with football and then we will be celebrating his 11th birthday.  That’s just the reality of how fast life seems to move around here. I love the ages of my kids now and I love seeing them grow up and how our relationship changes, but this movie totally got to me!  Go see it – it was a great movie but if you’re a mom of a little boy grab a few tissues on your way out the door and be prepared to want to come home and give him a humongous hug.

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