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July 23, 2010

By Kendra Ringenberg

So, there is something that most people do not know and would never suspect of me.  Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I like to watch soap operas!  I have watched two since I was in college (Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful) and picked up a third (As the World Turns) when I was on my first maternity leave.

I bring this up because as I’m sitting here typing late at night, I have As the World Turns on and it strikes me as pretty funny that a person who drafts contracts and negotiates deals all day could sit around and watch something so ridiculous.  Fortunately, as any one who has ever watched soaps could attest, you really only need to watch one a week to keep up on the story lines!  So, as my world has gotten more hectic and I can’t find time to watch decent shows, I have still managed to keep up on these soaps (to some degree anyway).  I tell myself that it is acceptable, perhaps even admirableJ, that I watch these because I typically watch them while I run on our treadmill, this is especially true in the summer when all other television is in reruns – not soaps – they are very dependable!

I know that they are stupid and ridiculous story lines.  But, isn’t that the point?  It is pure entertainment that takes no brain power.  I think we all need outlets to take us away from our daily grind every once and a while.  Some people have spa days, others go for long runs. Not me, I watch meaningless TVJ  I find myself being emotionally exhausted even watching dramas on television – I need something that does not make me think at all.  Soaps definitely do that (Glee is also moving up the list as a favorite for this purpose).  And, they also have the added benefit of making you appreciate everything you have a little more.  When you see characters lose their marriages, babies, even their lives three of four times, you realize that no matter what you have going on, it can’t be as bad as the character that has died and come back to life numerous times, right!?

For awhile I would have soaps on while I did laundry and cleaned up on Saturday mornings (while the kids played).  But, one day, Mallory plopped down and said, why is Carly crying and I thought, “ok, no more soaps when the kids are awake!”  Seriously, I has no idea she had ever paid any attention before – they absorb everything!

I am by no means advocating soap operas or any TV for that matter but I am telling you that having an outlet to take you away from kids, job, etc. for a few minutes a day is good for you!  And, if you are a closet soap opera watcher, stand proud – I just gave several reasons why it should be socially acceptable. 🙂

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