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The benefits of being a Care Hound provider

January 5, 2011

No more signs in the yard!! When you sign up to be on the Care Hound directory you will always be visible to the parents seeking your services.  Which means you have a “sign” online that gives them all your information.  And the parents with access to that information will have paid for our service so you will know they are serious when they call.

Serious Inquiries! Because our site does charge the parents to gain access to your information – the parents
contacting you are serious about their child’s care and they will have the means to pay you for it!  No more wasting time with parents trying to bargain down your price.

Keep your spots filled! Unfortunately you never know what could happen to have a child leave your daycare (a move, loss of a parents job, or health issues)  – which leaves you with an empty spot to fill and a gap in your income.  With Care Hound parents will always have access to your information and if you are full when they call – put them on a waiting list!  That way you don’t have to decrease your income if a family can’t make it any more.

Support and Education! As our directory and business grows we want to be there to support – YOU – the providers!  Taking care of children all day is an extremely tough and extremely important job. We want to help out by
providing you with educational opportunities and meet and greets through the year.  This way you can meet other providers in your area, and have the chance to come to mini classes on topics you are interested in – whether it is CPR training, hearing from pediatricians or speech therapists, or learning some new crafts or activities to do with your kids.  We will keep the topics broad to capture the interest of different childcare providers.

Show off a little! And last but definitely not least – our “provider of the month” that we are starting! This is where we choose one provider a month to highlight on our blog.  We will come and interview you to find out more about your childcare and you! It’s your chance to shine and show off what makes your childcare special and stand out!

To add your listing to our directory visit and click on the providers tab. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free with absolutely no obligations!!

If you know of a provider who could benefit from being on the Care Hound directory please share this information with them or download the PDF below and send it to them!

Care Hound benefits

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