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My snow storm survival kit

February 1, 2011

Unfortunately my emergency list doesn’t include bottled waters, canned food, blankets, or flashlights – as it should. My survival kit is more geared towards my ultimate comfort and happiness rather than actual survival. If we do indeed lose power we will last about 25 minutes before the cold sets in and I give up.  However when I hear the words “snow storm”, “blizzard” or “snow day” this is where my mind immediately goes as for things I can’t live without. {this would be the actual grocery list I sent to my husband of things to pick up on his way home last night}:

milk {I’m not completely unreasonable}


cereal {we have jars of peanut butter and bread in the pantry so we technically can survive on these 5 things for weeks.}

Diet Coke

Crystal Light Energy

string cheese

chicken nuggets

dog food

Some type of dark chocolate with almonds – hersheys or dove.

And there we have it – a happy healthy snow day.

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