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A Sophisticated Nursery

February 18, 2011

by Jessica McKay, owner of Birdhouse Interior Design

Here’s the deal, people: just because your newborn is a tiny little baby now, doesn’t mean they are going to stay that way for long. Oh, and on that note, your baby boy doesn’t have to enter this world in a sea of blue and that sweet girl of yours need not be surrounded by wall after wall of pink. In fact, why does the nursery need to be any less chic and sophisticated than the rest of the house? The answer is, it doesn’t!

Here are a few tips and ideas for expectant mothers or mothers of little ones on decorating your child’s room:

Chairs by Jennifer Delonge

  1. Think of the things you like and consider smaller versions of them. These kid-sized chairs look just as amazing as their grown-up counterparts. They will make your child feel special because they get to be just like mommy and daddy in their pretty chairs. Plus, you can put one of these into the nursery and as the baby grows there is no need to change the décor for several years. This aesthetic will last ten times longer than anything that screams “tiny baby”.

Via Design Crisis

  1. Start with a neutral background (white, gray, cream) and add color and personality in all your accessories. I’m willing to bet when your child turns about 5 or so, the little princess with her pink room may already love playing soccer and throwing mud a lot more than she likes twirling around in her tutu playing with her Barbies. Or, that little boy might really love to play on his little piano and be a budding musician and that train bordering his room doesn’t make much sense to who he’s starting to be as a person. The point is, you can change out accessories as your child grows and becomes more of an individual much easier than you can change the big stuff.

Jennifer Delonge’s son’s room (That chick rocks!)

3. Kid-friendly art doesn’t mean bad art! I’m not saying you should spend a fortune on original art for your child’s room. What I am saying is if you have taken the time to be thoughtful about everything else in there, why wouldn’t you put some effort into what will be on the walls for your child to see everyday as they grow? Maybe your sister is an amazing artist. Ask her to paint something for the baby’s room as your shower present. Or find a favorite book that you had as a little one, buy a used copy, rip a few pages out and frame them. There are a thousand options you can choose, just try to avoid the least thoughtful one, which is running to a big box store and buying something mass market.

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