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Introducing our newest blogger!

March 18, 2011

I feel so fortunate for our team of guest bloggers here at Care Hound. We feel that we have the very best people writing for us to bring you posts, stories, and information from all different aspects of parenting. I am so excited to be introducing our latest addition to the team, Lindsey Elsaesser.  Lindsey and her husband John live here in Omaha with their 2 girls, Lyla & Evie.  I met their family while she was pregnant with their second daughter in what at the time seemed like a devastating situation. Evie had been diagnosed with a rare disease and was only expected to live seconds, minutes or hours after birth. After finding this out at 20 weeks Lindsey and John turned to their Faith and cherished the moments they had while she was pregnant. Her journey and Evie’s story is one of the most powerful, uplifting and incredible stories of Faith that I have been a part of. While Evie survived, she was re-diagnosed at 2 weeks old with a rare bone disease.  They are learning about living with a child with special needs and embracing the lives that they were blessed with. Whether you have a special needs child, or just want to read about their story, or be inspired by their Faith – I encourage you to follow Lindsay here at Care Hound and on her blog at  This is one {of about 100} of my favorite posts from her –  To read more about Lindsey in her own words check out her bio!

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