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So he is listening…

May 24, 2010

As a mom I feel like I preach, and teach, all the time – but it rarely feels like it’s sinking in.  Especially when it comes to my oldest who is ten.  I want to give him all the knowledge that I have learned – the things that aren’t taught in a text book.  The lessons I have learned through trial and error.  But I usually get that glazed over  “I’m actually thinking about the Mii I just created on the Wii, that awesome play I had in baseball last night and when the next episode of Chuck will be on” look.  So when I saw his last report come home from school with a 100% and I read the last paragraph (check it out below) – I nearly cried.  It was as if everything that I have been cramming into his head had been worth it – because occasionally I do think he listens to what I am saying.

Here is the last paragraph – they were asked to create a constellation and write the story to go along with it.  “Effort is the brightest star because effort is the thing you need most of to be successful in anything you do.”

I love you Kobes – you make me so proud.

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